Milan Hejduk vs. Justin Williams

Why is Avalanche RW Milan Hejduk more widely owned than Kings RW Justin Williams?

In 32 games, Avalanche RW Milan Hejduk has 14 goals, 10 assists, +3, 87 shots on goal and 11 PPP. All told, he ranks 22nd among RW in Yahoo! formats.

When you consider that right wings such as Leafs stud Phil Kessel and Ducks LW/RW Joffrey Lupul have missed time, well, Hejduk is the sort of guy whose presence on fantasy rosters is borderline. Dropping him won’t cost you a fantasy title. Why should it? He is not even a top 20 RW.

Yet Hejduk is owned in 77.6 percent of ESPN leagues and 77 percent of Yahoo! games. The fantasy public treats him like he’s sacred.

Why is this, exactly? Hejduk, 33, has not been a point-per-game player since 2002-03. Even his impressive 35-goal effort of 2006-07 is yesterday’s news. He is a lock for 200 shots on goal, but that alone hardly justifies his high ownership.

Compare Hejduk’s numbers to those of Kings RW Justin Williams (18.9 percent owned in ESPN, 47 percent in Yahoo!). Williams, 28, has the edge in assists (16), PIMs (31), and shots (99). He trails Hejduk in goals (8) and PPP (7) but is even in +/- (+3). Overall, Yahoo! rates Williams as the 18th best RW.

In other words: Williams is rated higher than Hejduk, but Hejduk is more widely owned.

This would be understandable, perhaps, if Hejduk were on fire and Williams were ice cold. But that’s not the case. In the last month:

Hejduk: 4 goals, 3 assists, -2, 2 PIM, 3 PPP, 26 shots.

Yahoo! rank among RW: 63rd.

Williams: 3 goals, 5 assists, -1, 6 PIM, 3 PPP, 42 shots.

Yahoo! rank among RW: 39th.

The verdict: Drop Hejduk. There are better options at right wing. Williams is just one of them.

photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons


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