Is Steve Mason worth starting today?

Blue Jackets G Steve Mason — ordinarily a “must-start” stud despite execrable stats this season — is skating on thin fantasy ice.

Today at 5pm EST, the Jackets visit the Caps — and given Mason’s .881 save percentage and 3.48 GAA, who can trust him against Ovechkin and company?

Not me. Just as one awful start from a pitcher can cause weeks of damage in fantasy baseball, one awful start from a goalie can submarine you in the standings. Yes, Mason has the talent to pitch a shutout in every start — but to me, the downside of his getting lit up today isn’t worth the small probability of that upside.

Here’s the good news: Last season, Mason posted two 3-0 wins against the Caps. So it is possible today marks the end of his cold streak. Still, my overall view is he’s too risky to play.

PC permitting, we will check back in with an assessment of our assessment later tonight. (The Genius PC is undergoing some long overdue scheduled maintenance this afternoon; so don’t kill us if we don’t revisit the Mason at Washington subject for a day or two.)



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