A tale of three centers (Connolly, Reinprecht, Peverley)… and Kessel time


Yahoo! players need to wake up and add the 21-percent-owned Connolly before it's too late.

1. Sabres C Tim Connolly tallied two goals and one assist in Buffalo’s 3-2 home win vs. Toronto last night. By now, you know the story with TC: point per game when healthy, which is seldom. Alas, savvy ESPN players certainly know the story with him, since he’s 73.3 percent owned by Worldwide Participants. Why he is only 21 percent owned in Yahoo! leagues is a bafflement.

2. Then there’s Panthers C Steven Reinprecht, who netted a natural hat trick in last night’s 6-5 win at Dallas. For fantasy purposes, you can disregard Reinprecht until he does it again. (See how he does tonight at St. Louis.) Reinprecht has never topped 52 points in a season and he is weak in every other fantasy category too. He also plays center, a position of infinite depth in our little game, as evidenced by Connolly’s minute ownership in Yahoo! formats.

3. The center to pick up for next week — especially in head-to-head formats where your lineup is locked after Mondays — is Thrashers C Rich Peverley, who has seven points (three goals, four assists) in his last six games, not to mention six PIMs and four PPPs. The Thrashers are one of four teams who play four times next week, according to the always useful Forecaster from ESPN.com’s Sean Allen. You want points, pick up Peverley, who is owned in only 33 percent of Yahoo! leagues and 47.4 percent of ESPN formats.

And let us close by citing Janet Eagleson’s Frozen Fantasy column, which points out that Leafs RW Phil Kessel (shoulder) is on track to return Tuesday. Remove him from your IR slot or grab him in the 20 percent of Yahoo! leagues and 19.1 percent of ESPN leagues in which he’s still available.

photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons


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